LCVEF staff standing in front of an art installation sign that reads "Protect Democracy".

About Us

The LCV Education Fund is fighting for a more just and equitable democratic process – because we need a healthy democracy to fight for a healthy environment.

Our Vision For A More Just & Equitable Planet

The LCV Education Fund envisions a world in which tackling the climate crisis, confronting environmental injustice, and strengthening our democracy lead to cleaner and healthier communities, good, well-paying jobs, and a more just, equitable, and sustainable planet for all.

Who We Are & What We Do

We need a healthy democracy to fight for a healthy environment. A more just and equitable democracy that works for everyone is necessary to achieve meaningful progress on the climate crisis and to confront environmental injustices.

To address these interconnected challenges, LCV Education Fund works to increase civic participation by:

LCV Education Fund’s efforts to promote greater civic engagement and increase participation in the democratic process are rooted in an understanding of racial, social, and environmental justice. We make a special commitment to work in collaboration with the communities most impacted by injustice and inequity in our democratic processes, including Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color, youth communities, and immigrant communities. Our long history of public education and civic engagement puts us at the center of the fight for cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable communities and a more just and equitable democracy for everyone.

  • Our Commitment to Equity & Racial Justice

    From the climate crisis to assaults on our democracy to economic inequality, these challenges are caused and exacerbated by the realities of systemic and structural racism and other interlocking systems of oppression.

    Guiding and motivating our actions to address these interconnected challenges are LCV Education Fund’s values – accountability, anti-racism, community, innovation, learning, and sustainability – which shape every decision across our organization. Central to these values is our firm commitment to center equity and racial justice in all of our work, including our external climate, democracy, and civic engagement work and our internal policies, practices, and structures.

    Climate solutions and democratic reforms that do not intentionally confront the injustices and racism upon which our democracy and its laws are built are bound to perpetuate inequities of the status quo. At the same time, the actions we can take to fight the climate crisis and foster a strong, participatory democracy present tremendous environmental, social, economic, and community benefits that we are committed to ensuring benefit everyone.

  • Our Impact

    • Since 2012, LCV Education Fund and our state partners have collected 1.7 million voter registration forms through our nonpartisan mail, site-based, and online voter registration programs.
    • More than 75% of the voters registered through our Democracy For All program are people of color.
    • Since 2006, LCV Education Fund has given more than $67 million in grants to our state affiliates and other partners to support local grassroots, civic engagement, capacity building, and public education campaigns.
  • Our Sister Organization

    LCV Education Fund often works in partnership with our sister organization, the League of Conservation Voters, to advocate for just and equitable action to address the climate crisis and threats to our democracy.