Photo of an art activation featuring voting booths each with a different mural painted onto it highlighting voting rights issues and civil rights icons. In the background there is a large mural of John Lewis.

Strengthening Our Democracy

We cannot have a healthy environment without a healthy democracy. The communities who face barriers to the ballot box and have been historically excluded from the electoral process are the same communities most impacted by the climate crisis and pollution. LCV Education Fund’s Democracy For All program engages these communities to strengthen their voice in our democracy.
Person using wheelchair holds up a sign that reads "Your Vote Is Your Power" at an event

Democracy for All

We engage communities and collaborate with national coalitions and our Conservation Voter Movement state affiliates to advance policy solutions that proactively increase people’s ability to participate in elections, safeguard ballot access, and defend against attacks and obstacles that make it harder to vote.

Today, in our country, not everyone has equal access to the voting booth.

LCVEF is working to register voters, particularly in traditionally excluded communities and communities of color.
We registered over 125,500 voters, recruited 300 poll workers and secured 89,000 pledges to vote in 2022.
We continue to work with communities historically excluded from the electoral process to increase equity in access to the ballot box.

Voter Registration

We can’t combat the climate crisis without a just and equitable democracy that works for everyone.

Communities who face the greatest burdens from the climate crisis and pollution are the same communities who have been historically excluded from the electoral process, particularly communities of color, communities with low wealth, communities living with disabilities, and young and elderly communities.

LCVEF runs multi-state site-based nonpartisan voter registration programs — in 2022, they were the largest of their kind. These programs register eligible voters historically excluded from voter registration efforts, including communities of color in urban and rural communities.

Civic Engagement

To build a more just and equitable democracy that is responsive to all people and their will to protect the planet, Democracy For All is improving access to and trust in our democracy, especially so that all communities historically excluded from the electoral process have a voice at the ballot box — including communities of color, communities with low wealth, young and elderly communities, and communities with disabilities.

We do this through transformational community organizing and art activism while building long-term infrastructure and community-driven campaigns that move people to collective action. Our core strategies are to:

Mobilize people of color and young people in historically excluded communities to participate in elections through large-scale nonpartisan voter registration and nonpartisan voter turnout.

Engage in campaigns that build long-term community leadership and power and result in environmental justice and democracy reform.

Build authentic and mutually beneficial partnerships with organizations led by and serving people of color.

Create public art campaigns that transformative stories through cultural and creative strategies, opinion editorials, letters-to-the-editor, multimedia channels, and other platforms.


The stakes for the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the planet have never been higher, but environmental laws are only as strong as the judges who uphold them.

No one is above the law, and when corporations break the law to put profits over people, we need judges willing to hold them accountable. When far-right politicians distort our democracy to take the people’s power for themselves, we need judges willing to enforce our rights.

LCV Education Fund engages with policymakers, constituents, advocates, journalists, the legal community, state partners, and supporters to highlight the incredible power our third branch of government exercises over vital protections for our environment and democracy, and the need for judges who will protect our rights instead of attacking them.

Judges: Our Planet Is in Their Court

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Hilda Nucete holds a microphone about to speak at a civic engagement event
Hilda Nucete

LCV Education Fund Director of Civic Engagement

“From tightening voting laws to redistricting, communities across the country have been fraught with efforts to further disenfranchise voters who see the greatest impacts from the climate crisis and pollution. Ensuring that every voter accesses their right to vote is crucial to protecting our democracy and our environment. We are proud to be working at the grassroots level to ensure that every eligible voter has equitable access to casting their ballot.”

Hilda Nucete

LCV Education Fund Director of Civic Engagement

Stories from Strengthening Our Democracy

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