Wheatpaste signs encouraging passerbys to vote.

Board of Directors and Executive Team

  • LCVEF Board of Directors

    Names and organization names presented here are for identification purposes only.

    Carol Browner, Chair, Former EPA Administrator
    Laura Turner Seydel, Vice Chair, Turner Foundation
    Bill Roberts, Treasurer, Corridor Partners
    Lisa Wozniak, Secretary, Michigan League of Conservation Voters
    Brendon Cechovic, Western Conservation Foundation
    Sunita Leeds, Enfranchisement Foundation
    Betsy Lin, Beelinning Strategies LLC
    Lawrence H. Linden, Linden Trust for Conservation
    Alyssa Macy, Washington Conservation Voters

  • LCVEF Executive Team

    Gene Karpinski, President
    Leslie Hinkson, Chief Officer for Racial Justice and Equity
    Margrete Strand, Chief of Staff
    Nancie Koenigsberg, SVP, Development
    Kim Grantham, SVP, Human Resources & Administrative Services
    Pete Maysmith, SVP, Campaigns
    Sandra Peréz González, SVP Community and Civic Engagement
    Hope Rippeon, SVP, State Capacity Building
    Tiernan Sittenfeld, SVP, Government Affairs
    Titi Sonekan, SVP, Finance
    Rich Thomas, General Counsel and SVP Legal and Strategic Initiatives
    Dave Willett, SVP, Communications