Our Mission

The League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (LCVEF) works to turn environmental values into national, state and local priorities. LCVEF, in collaboration with our state LCVEF partners, advocates for strong environmental protections, organizes communities to speak up about their environmental values, and engages people in the democratic process in order to enact strong environmental laws.

Advocating for Environmental Protections

To protect the environment, we believe we need the right laws in place. At all levels of government—federal, state and local—we advocate for laws and policies that ensure that our air, water, lands and climate are safe and healthy today and for future generations. We educate the public, media and elected officials about critical environmental issues.

Organizing Communities

We work with key communities in key states from coast to coast, uniting people in collective action to find solutions to urgent environmental problems. Through our network of 25 state affiliates and community organizing programs, including our successful Chispa program, we mobilize people for change.

Engaging in the Democratic Process

Every American deserves an equal voice in our elections. We engage people in the civic process, focusing on those often marginalized or underrepresented in the electorate: unmarried women, people of color, and young people. By fostering greater civic engagement, we are securing the long-term health of our democracy and our environment. We are also fighting to improve access to the democratic process by addressing fundamental democracy issues such as campaign finance reform and voters’ rights.

Our Strategy

To succeed, LCVEF has three key strategies:

  1. Create momentum for action at all levels of government. Working with our 25 state affiliates across the country who are known for their legislative prowess, we can create a tidal wave of strong state climate policy victories that create pressure for federal action.
  2. Build a strong, racially and geographically diverse grassroots base. Through LCVEF’s and our state affiliates’ grassroots programs, we are recruiting volunteers and building new leadership with people of color, youth and rural communities. We are advocating and winning on climate in new ways—by talking about justice, equity, opportunity, safety and security and by making space for new voices and new leaders. This engagement and leadership is the cornerstone of our movement and our democracy, both today and for the future.
  3. Break down barriers to participation in the democratic process. Over the last decade, we have developed a highly sophisticated and effective nonpartisan voter participation program. Through our national vote-by-mail, voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts, we have become the leading environmental group working to encourage citizens to participate in elections. Even outside the environmental community, we are one of the largest players in the civic engagement space too.

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