Climate Change

Climate change is an existential threat to our planet and all of its people. It particularly threatens low-income and Indigenous communities, and communities of color. Now is the moment to change course.

People kayaking through flooded streets of Houston.

Every year, the planet warms, and we pay the price.

We look for just and equitable solutions to solve the climate crisis, in collaboration with our state affiliates.
We fought to ensure the Biden-Harris EPA passed emissions standards on cars that paved the way to a zero-emissions future.
What’s next? We’ll fight for a clean energy economy that works for all our communities. Together, we can do it.

At LCV Education Fund, we work to build an equitable and just climate that will work well for everyone.

We look forward to a future of decarbonization and clean energy, not fossil fuel dependency. And to do it, we’re working with our partners across the environmental movement to ensure that all the work we do is just, equitable, and anti-racist.

  • We build long-term power for the climate movement
    • We shape public discourse around climate and democracy by collaborating with creative influencers and artists in communities and through digital platforms that distribute culturally-relevant content.
    • We fight for equitable and just climate progress as outlined in the Equitable and Just National Climate Platform.
    • We encourage the administration to swiftly advance bold executive actions to slash climate and other health-harming pollution in line with their commitments.
    • We inspire civic engagement by telling transformative stories using art, the media, and anywhere else we can find an audience.
    • We provide leadership training for leaders to serve on local environmental boards and commissions.
    • We empower communities across the country to make their voices heard on climate issues by working to strengthen our democracy.
    • We’re working to increase the number of pro-environment, pro-democracy judges by educating lawyers and allies about opportunities to be considered for judicial vacancies.
    • We leverage our policy expertise and relationships to push for robust implementation of federal and state climate victories.
  • We’re seeking major wins in the coming years
    • We aim to increase the number of school districts with electric bus fleets.
    • We’re working to improve access to clean public transit and ensure that communities of color directly benefit from transit infrastructure projects.
    • We’re pushing executive agencies to include climate investment (like electric vehicles and clean energy research) in their annual budgets.
    • We’re leveraging our administrative contacts to push executive agencies to shift funding from fossil fuels to clean energy.
    • We’re working with state partners to shut down fossil fuel infrastructure and block new fossil fuel projects by campaigning to pressure corporations and banks to stop funding these projects.
Cory Booker

US Senator, New Jersey

“You cannot talk about solving the problem of climate change without dealing with the urgency — the fierce urgency — of environmental injustice that is plaguing communities all around our nation.”

Cory Booker

US Senator, New Jersey