Wheatpaste signs encouraging passerbys to vote.

LCV Education Fund Brochure and 2024 Goals

About Our Movement

LCV Education Fund and our partners do this work — to strengthen our democracy, address the climate crisis, and advance environmental justice — because we envision a world with cleaner and healthier communities, informed and engaged voters, and a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for all. Read more about how we address the interconnected threats to our climate and democracy.

View or Download the 2024 LCV Education Fund Brochure (PDF)

2024 Goals: Mobilizing for Democracy & Climate

In 2024, LCVEF will partner with our state affiliates in the Conservation Voters Movement to minimize barriers to voting, while educating and engaging the public on climate, clean energy, conservation, and other issues. Our efforts work toward our vision of a more inclusive and just society, in which all voices are heard, and all people have an equal say in shaping the future of their communities and our country.

View or Download our 2024 Goals (PDF)