We need a healthy democracy
to fight for a healthy environment.

A just and equitable democracy that is responsive to all people is necessary to tackle the climate crisis and to confront environmental injustices.

Man holds "Your Vote Is Your Power" Sign at community event in front of mural
Man holds "Your Vote Is Your Power" Sign at community event in front of mural

Our Impact

We register voters through our nonpartisan mail, site-based, and online voter registration programs, 1.7 million and counting.
We educate the public about threats to our climate and our democracy.
We build grassroots power in communities.

Here’s How We Build a Movement

Two people pulling a cart of signs encouraging people to vote, for the sake of their community.

Mobilizing for People and the Planet

We use public education and civic engagement to tackle the climate crisis, confront environmental injustice, and strengthen our democracy.

Person using wheelchair holds up a sign that reads "Your Vote Is Your Power" at an event

Strengthening Our Democracy

Democracy For All employs large-scale voter mobilization, community engagement, and democracy reform to ensure that everyone can participate in our democracy.

Two people standing in front of a bookstore holding signs that say "In Our Community, We Vote".

Building Grassroots Power

Our organizing programs focus on building a more powerful, cohesive, active, and racially inclusive movement within the communities where we work.

Community Members and Chispa staffers pose for a photo at a community event

Building Power in the States

LCV Education Fund supports our powerful state affiliates’ work to advance climate action and democracy.

Wheatpaste signs encouraging passerbys to vote.

Help Protect Your Vote

We can improve access to the ballot and strengthen our electoral systems.

A group poses for a photo at a Democracy For All Event, signs include "Vote" and "Register to vote here"

Get Involved with LCV Education Fund

Support the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund in building grassroots power for people and the planet