Chispa is one of the only community organizing programs that is run by a national environmental group and focuses on building the leadership of Latino families to influence policy makers and local leaders to take action on climate change.

It is imperative that the environmental movement better represent the racial and ethnic diversity of our nation—only then can our movement’s solutions fully confront the legacy of environmental injustices that disproportionately impact low-income and communities of color.  Not only are Latinos affected by pollution and toxins on the job, at our schools and in our homes, we care deeply about the environmental issues plaguing our communities and others: from dirty air and pesticides, to the need for clean energy, healthy water and safe communities to live and play in.

Latino communities are often the first and worst hit by the effects of climate change and pollution, so it is no surprise that we are also some of the strongest advocates for climate action and support government action to protect la Madre Tierra.

The Chispa approach ensures that the Latino community’s political power is seen, heard and felt by decision-makers across the nation and in the six states—Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, New Mexico, Nevada and Maryland—where Chispa community organizing programs are underway.

For more information, contact Chispa Communications Director, Betsy Lopez-Wagner, at or 202-454-4570.