Igniting the Movement

Chispa is one of the only community organizing programs that is run by a national environmental group and focuses on building the leadership of Latino families to influence policy makers and local leaders to take action on climate change.

The program’s soul is grassroots community organizing that engages Latino families and other communities of color around local climate and environmental justice issues. The Chispa approach ensures that communities’ political power is seen, heard and felt by decision-makers across the nation and in the six states—Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Maryland—where Chispa programs are now active.

Latino communities are often the first and worst hit by the effects of climate change and pollution, so it is no surprise that we are also some of the strongest advocates for climate action and support government action to protect la Madre Tierra.


An investment in Chispa is an investment in creating:

  1. Communities that enjoy clean air, clean water, open spaces and parks, and the security of knowing that our planet can sustain us today and for future generations.
  2. A strong, powerful environmental movement that reflects the values, priorities, and leadership of working families, communities of color, and the full diversity of our nation.