Boards & Commissions Fellowship

In 2020, LCV Education Fund (LCVEF) is launching a Boards and Commissions Fellowship in partnership with Conservation Voters for Idaho. Fellows will be drawn from our state affiliate, allied organizations, and the community. The fellowship will focus recruitment on racially diverse, values-aligned environmental leaders and help them to secure appointments to boards and commissions that can help to advance a clean energy and pro-environment agenda. Through the fellowship, fellows will learn skills for effective service on a board or commission and receive support through the process of appointment and coaching during their first year of service. 

Our vision for the Boards and Commissions Fellowship is to:

  • Build the skills, power and capacity of our leaders and affiliates in the Conservation Voters Movement to shape environmental policy in their communities.
  • Increase diversity on boards and commissions by recruiting women, people of color and other underrepresented individuals to serve on appointed boards and commissions.
  • Build pro-environmental majorities in local communities on boards and commissions that advise local governments on energy and environmental policy. 

The fellowship is very much a part of our racial justice and equity goals as an organization and over time, it is our intent that it will contribute to a growing number of women and people of color serving in leadership and elected roles in their communities. 

In 2020, we will be launching this work in Idaho. In the coming years, it is our hope to expand the work to additional states to train more leaders in the CVM to serve on local boards and commissions.

Check out this webinar about our learnings from the first class of Board and Commission fellows.