Progressive Judiciary

Excessive and extended judicial vacancies pose an ongoing threat to progress on climate change and are in contradiction to the law of the land. In 2015, the Senate confirmed only 11 federal judges and one appellate judge—the fewest in 60 years—and vacancies rose from 43 to 66! As a result, there are currently an astounding 31 judicial emergencies. These extreme circumstances make it imperative that LCVEF engage in efforts to build a more progressive and robust judiciary than ever before. We work to make issues such as climate change, public health, and the corrosive impact of polluter money in politics strategic components of the fight to fill judicial vacancies. We educate our supporters, the public, the press, and elected officials about the tremendous impact that the courts have on environmental protections, and we engage them in elevating these issues for both the Supreme Court vacancy as well as for lower-level judicial nominations. We also help to lead and grow the coalition of environmental groups engaging on judicial nominations.