Civic Engagement

Our Earth is Worth Mobilizing for

The last two years have seen growing threats to our environment and health as well as to core values of U.S. democracy, including attacks on the fundamental right to vote.

At LCVEF, we understand that threats to our environment and democracy are deeply linked. Moreover, we understand that the people most affected by climate change, pollution, and environmental injustice — low-income communities, communities of color, and young people — are the same people who have been historically underrepresented and marginalized in the political process. We must work to increase their civic participation in a substantive way because our democracy fails when any voices are excluded.

Through our nonpartisan civic engagement programs, LCVEF helps to increase participation in the political process and advance a democracy rooted in racial justice, equity, and local agency. We invest in long-term infrastructure and community-driven campaigns that move people to collective action. We mobilize the communities of color and young people who have been systematically underrepresented, excluded, and marginalized in the political process and address structural barriers to civic participation. In 2017, LCVEF devised a four-year strategic plan to increase participation in the democratic process by expanding nonpartisan voter registration and turnout and advancing voting rights. Our civic engagement programs serve this goal, as well as the goals of promoting long-term community organizing and building a larger, more active, and more racially diverse environmental movement.